Club of the Week Special edition: ASMSUB Student Senate

Written by Taylor Kurkoski, ASMSUB Vice President

Being in a leadership position can be difficult, but this is even truer when you are a student working alongside professionals. This is what our student senate does as representing the student body as a whole. ASMSUB is made up of four executives, President, Vice President, Business Manager, and Student Resolution Officer, and up to 16 student senators. Student senators vary in demographics, majors, and can be from main campus or City College. These students have the opportunity to meet weekly with Senate’s advisors as well as the Chancellor, varying guests, and different clubs and orgs.

Of course, there is always a lot going on around campus, so most often student senators can be seen at different events, in classes, or just hanging out on campus. Being highly active in college allows students more opportunities to grow in soft skills, and even offers experiences other students may never see!

ASMSUB is one of the longest-standing organizations on campus, and one of the higher funded. ASMSUB utilizes the student fees that students pay every semester to budget other clubs and orgs, sustain themselves, and help students meet their wildest dreams while they are in college. This is a great organization to be a part of while in college for many reasons, but just to highlight two are networking and leadership development.

Applications for senator positions of Fall 2020 are open now through March 13th at 2 p.m. and elections are held the 18-19 of March, so don’t forget to vote.

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