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Club of the Week: Yellowjacket Theatre

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Written by: Jeffery Flechsing

As a rule of thumb, most campuses have some kind of theater or drama department and club. However, MSUB didn't have any representation of it on its campus, until recently. I sat down with YellowJacket Theatre president Brigham Jessen in order to find out about this new club on the MSUB campus. Brigham did explain that the club has a full office with him as president, Jaki Harada as Vice President and a rather large cabinet filled with people that have practical experiences in the theater which will help them move forward. I asked him what his ideas for the future were he said, “I want to get people out of their shells and out of their comfort zones.” Brigham did explain that since the club was fairly new there is a lack of turn out for meetings. They, however, do still have meetings every week on Fridays at 1 PM in sub 227. He, however, did not relent from the current low turnout for club meetings, he was appreciative of the rather successful bake sale in the fall that gave the club the ability to purchase scripts for a production that they are putting on later this spring.

He informed me during our interview that the play was going to be directed by a, “Rising star in the MSUB community”. He also informed me that the play, “The History of Dating” was going to be a smash hit. This, however, is unbridled enthusiasm due to a cast not being gathered yet. Brigham did inform me however that auditions for this play will be taking place on Thursday, February 13th at 3 pm in Banquet A&B in the back of the cafeteria. Brigham also wanted to note that this play is designed for newer actresses and actors so no prior experience is needed. He stated that “All you need is the ability to be coachable and we will teach you everything else.”

Both Brigham and the director for the play want to give the biggest heartfelt thank you to Nova Center For Performing Arts for all the help that they have provided thus far. Let’s hope that he is right and that the play is successful and I hope to see you all there.

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