Election time!

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

What are you doing September 24th & 25th? If you have no idea, allow me to give you an idea of what you can do.


That's right, The Associated Students of MSUB are holding their Fall elections on September 24th & 25th!

Every vote matters as we look to gear up for the school year and work to better MSUB for the students!

"Where do I vote?"


This website will give you the option to vote as well as get to know the candidates!

Here at MSUB, your voice matters! Express your voice by voting for the men and women who will serve as your bridge to administration!

"What if I want to participate in the Student Senate?"

You're in luck! ASMSUB are accepting applications until next Friday, September 20th!

They are looking for students to fill the offices of the following:

Freshmen Senator

--For the first year students who want to get a foothold on meeting administration and get their voice out there from the beginning


--Non-freshmen Undergraduate students who look to express their concerns and better this institution.

City College Senator

--Go to school out at City College? Your voice matters too, get involved in Student Senate and bring your drive to a new environment!

Graduate Senator

--We don't exclude anyone here, if you're a grad student and want your voice heard, you're entitled to it!

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