Event of the Week: Gubernatorial Debate

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Wednesday night at MSUB we had the pleasure of holding the first Gubernatorial forum for the democratic candidates in the entire state of Montana.

The event was hosted by our very own MSUB College Democrats along with the Yellowstone County Democrats. Both candidates spoke about how they would combat the issues felt by those in Montana. such as education, public lands, and health care. When asked his reasoning for wanting a forum here in Billings and at MSUB, MSUB Democrats president Mitch Bohn said, “Billings has the most voters when you look at election results. 2020 is one of if not the most essential elections in history. It only made sense we had a forum here. As for it being at MSUB, college-age students are the future of politics. Those of us that are 18-24 can change elections.”

When it was all said and done there were about 300 in attendance. If you missed the forum and would like a chance to hear the candidates there is a live stream up on MSUB College Democrats Facebook as well as on the Billings Gazette.

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