Faculty Member of the Week: Explained

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Have you ever had that one professor that just resonates with you and makes you love the subject matter? I know I have and that's why we set out to bring different professors to the forefront of MSUB's collective consciousness and provide a little background for each professor and some fun facts that not every student knows.

Faculty members are not just the men and women you see in class during that allotted hour, in fact, they have experiences that can be helpful for a student who may be struggling. Each professor has different real-world experiences that lend into their teaching style, their care for the students, and their love for their job.

Every professor loves the students and wants them to succeed and this article is to provide a look into the person beyond the lecture, one part at a time.

Do you have a professor you'd like to see featured?

Follow the link below and submit their name!

Faculty Member of the Week Submissions

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