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Rise like a phoenix (A Joker Movie Review)

The newly released and most anticipated movie of 2019 has arrived and is about one of the greatest foes of the world’s greatest detective. Joker was released on October 4th of this year and has had stellar reviews so far. It is directed by Todd Phillips, who is usually famous for directing comedies such as “The Hangover,” so it is interesting for him to write and direct a serious title such as the Joker. Even if you have never read the comics or seen other movies, it is still the movie for you. Joker is about a guy named Arthur Fleck (Joaquin Phoenix), a street clown/stand-up comedian, who has troubles with getting beat up and has a disability that makes him laugh uncontrollably at inappropriate times. His life is falling apart before his eyes. He is losing the great things in his life one after another. Until an opportunity to change Gotham city from its craziest comes to light. Thus, he takes the mantel as the Joker.

The performance by Phoenix was phenomenal, He really goes down deep on the impact people have on others and how it shouldn’t be taken lightly. What I think was very spot on in his portrayal of his mental illness. This movie really showed the effects on some mental illnesses and how they can impact us in ways no one can understand. This is an Oscar-worthy movie. A lot of critics have been giving this movie 5 stars. I 100% agree with them. I am disappointed that this masterpiece didn't win an Oscar. I believe it was more than deserving.

What I most love about the movie is that it really connects to the comic books by DC Comics, in stories like “The Killing Joke,” “Death in the Family,” and “Batman: The Man Who Laughs.” With these storylines, it really brings out the insanity of the Joker to his absolute craziest. There were even some quotes from comic books such as, “I thought my life was a tragedy; now I realize it’s a comedy.” That quote was used in one of the earliest issues of Batman. I would follow the critics on giving this movie a 5-star rating. It was just too good to give it any less than that. I hope everyone can agree with me in that, especially those die-hard Batman fans out there.

Overall Rating:


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