Staff Member of the Week: Explained

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Staff members are the lifeblood of a campus that is far more than just classrooms and homework. The staff members around campus help create an environment that can provide shelter, entertainment, funds, and food for all of the students on campus. With that being said, each staff member has a job on campus and does the best job they can. The staff around campus are far more than just a person sat behind a desk and that's what these articles set out to provide.

Every staff member has a great story, unique aspects of their job, and, more importantly, a personality outside of that job. They have experiences that may help you through whatever you are struggling with and will do it with a smile on their face. Each and every staff member on this campus is important and helps the campus run smoothly.

Do you have a staff member that you'd like to see featured?

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Staff Member Submissions

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