Staff Member of the Week: Jerry Schaaf

Updated: Mar 9, 2020

Jerry is a custodian in the music department but has worked in multiple different buildings. Jerry has worked for MSUB for 4 and a half years, will be hitting 5 years in August.

Jerry works nonstop to make sure the buildings he's in charge of are clean as can be. He loves meeting new people and talking with the students. His favorite part about working in Cisel Hall is the music he gets to hear, he enjoys hearing the student pieces.

Though he never attended college, Jerry has lived in Billings his entire life. The hardest part of his life that he dealt with was finding himself, primarily in the environment he lived in at the time. He has since gained his love for meeting new people and giving them a bad time.

Jerry gave students advice that couldn't be more apt to end this article. He wanted me to remind you that the world is a place where you're meant to strive, "Be yourself, no matter what the rest of the world says."

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