The Life of an Army ROTC Cadet

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

By Cadet Robin Cunningham

A typical morning starts at about 5:15 am. Mornings on Mondays, Wednesdays, & Fridays start with “Physical Fitness” which is essentially a 1- hour workout planned and led by Cadets. You may think that getting up so early is awful, but I honestly got used to it after a few weeks. It's also great to start the day with the sense of accomplishment that you get after a workout in the morning. After that, days are typically similar to that of most regular college students, attending class, studying, and hanging out with friends. Depending on the day, Cadets attend either squad meetings where we teach and learn about infantry tactics and individual soldier skills, or their respective class where we are taught anywhere from Drill and Ceremony & Army Values to joint military operations and Leadership. We also can be spotted low crawling at swords park on Lab days. At Lab, we implement practical skills and infantry tactics that we have learned in classes and squad meetings. 3rd-year Cadets are rotated through leadership positions and plan and execute missions as they are being evaluated by the senior cadets and Cadre. Cadets are also involved in the community by volunteering, recruiting or participating in color guards for MSUB games. The community within the ROTC program is uplifting and consists of people that challenge each other and want to serve our nation and the local community.

Overall the ROTC program challenges individuals to become the best version of themselves and gain confidence in themselves as they gain the ability to lead others and become experts in their profession. The Army ROTC program at MSUB offers scholarships that cover full-tuition and stipends to contracted Cadets. However, those interested can simply attend and try it out before they make any long-term commitments.

If you are interested in learning more or joining the Army ROTC program at MSUB, you can contact Sergeant Hunter on the 5th Floor of McMullen Hall.

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