Involvement on Campus

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Written by: Anonymous

As an ASMSUB Senator and residential student, I have seen many different events happen on campus. More often than not, not many students attend these events. Involvement on campus is an issue all clubs and organizations face and there are many possible reasons for this conflict. In my opinion, the biggest challenge organizations face when hosting an event is the fact that almost half of the students here at MSUB are nontraditional and do not live on campus. This implies that after their classes are finished, they leave campus and do not return to attend certain events. Since most of our students are not traditional, it is hard to plan activities that are appealing to all students during the morning or early afternoon when most of the students are on campus. Also, most of the events on campus target transitional students. The best way to help this issue is to attend events and show support to the club or organization that put on the event; it can be discouraging when so much is put into an event and there are not many students attending. After all, the budget for most events come out of your student fees, so make the most out of the investment of your education and attend events.

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