Win, Win Situation

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

There are many times we, as busy students, get caught up in what we have to do to make ends meet that we forget to enjoy our time in college at the same time. Whether it is classes, work or extra-curricular activities we look at what we absolutely have to do and settle for that. For some students, it is mandatory for graduation to have an internship, while for others it is referenced as a “good idea”. Internships are still recognized as mostly unpaid work that pertains to an interest or field of study. When thinking about college, most understand this is the time for experiences.

There are many resources on campus that offer students opportunities to network in the community and grow their strengths outside of the classroom. The first recommendation is to visit with your advisor to see whether or not internships are required for your degree and if they have to be completed at a specific time. After finding that information, students can visit CareerLink to see what community partnerships MSUB has and where open interning positions are. There are also opportunities to find internships through other campus resources such as staff, faculty, or other students.

After finding an internship that fits either the student’s interests or needs, students should apply for both the internship itself and for the class.

Taylor Kurkoski talks about her experience interning at St. Vincent Healthcare, “Personally, my internship has given me so many opportunities to learn and grow that I would have never had in the classroom. It caused me to add one of my minors and further my education in the healthcare world. I found that I am good at finding stories about others' experiences, tracking and analytics behind earned and social media, and I met amazing leaders and mentors I hope to hold in my life long after this experience.”

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